Welcoming Dominique Jaurola to Capful

|Friday, 5 July 2019

This spring Capful warmly welcomed Dominique as a Senior Advisor. Dominique has facilitated strategic foresight in many contexts over the past 25 years. Her passion is in increasing perception in decision makers. Two key contexts for this are her startup Hunome (Hunomics Ltd) and her path as a futurist that has led her to find Capful. Dominique’s journey as a futurist encompasses 90s Nokia, impressive career in Australia, authorship and entrepreneurship, to mention a few. At Capful, Dominique will lead projects that fit her background in digitalisation, human-centred thinking, new business models and designs and startups.

”Alongside working on my startup I will do projects with Capful in which I can best use my skillset. I was trained by Global Business Network and in the 90s I took part in a project in Nokia facilitated by GBN. This was the start…I felt I had found a home for my thinking beyond the dangerous shackles of corporate decisions, ‘this is how things are now and, in the future,’. Since then I have facilitated many projects that combined the human-centred thinking, potential of technology and new business models and the organisations required to deliver. Many of these in Australia where I lived for 24 years in total. I was a founding member and member of the board of Association of Professional Futurists. I have co-authored a book called ’Strategic Foresight the power of standing in the future’. I have lectured to design students on using strategic foresight as the method to argue for the design over three years.

Understand the given or emerging given, but work from the strength of your own vision of the future that you wish to see in the world. If it delivers better wellbeing and lives for people with the most effective and efficient solutions it has long term chance of being welcomed by those who buy or pay, all those in the future new system…”  – Dominique Jaurola

Dominique’s approach and viewpoints:

  • Involving approach
  • Each participant to feel the new logic, useful for action after the thinking
  • Start with immersion into the potential, understand the human and what the potential means…
  • Deliver human-centred impact
  • Responsible futures
  • Sustainable futures
  • Innovative futures

Master’s Thesis: Generation of strategic growth alternatives – Empirical evidence from large companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki

Tuomas Paananen, Aalto University School of Business|Thursday, 22 December 2016

“The investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.” – Warren Buffett

In order to serve the underlying purpose of any business, to make a profit for its shareholders, companies regardless of size, industry or geographical location need to consider and seek growth. However, creating growth is not a simple task but requires thorough thinking and decision making from top executives steering their businesses.

Objective of the study

The objective of this study is to find out the factors or approaches that companies take into consideration when generating strategic growth alternatives. Also the sources of these inputs are examined. In addition, the study aims to address the ways in which the growth alternatives are communicated to the decision makers.


The theoretical foundation of this thesis lies on rational strategic decision making and strategic growth alternatives. The empirical data for the study was gathered from 13 semi-structured thematic interviews with top level executives responsible for strategy in their organizations. At the time of the research, all the companies were listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and had a market capitalization in excess of 250 million euros. The interviewed strategy executives represented the following companies: TeliaSonera, Neste Oil, Elisa, Cargotec, Valmet, Tieto, Sanoma, Aktia, Oriola-KD, Basware, F-Secure, Finnair and Lemminkäinen. The interviews were interpreted through thematic analysis using a systematic coding process. Data collection and data analysis were conducted as an iterative process building on the theoretical framework constructed based on earlier research on the topic.


Generation of strategic growth alternatives is a multi-dimensional process including various inputs. Based on the findings, the outside-in approach, in which external operating environment is essential, is emphasized when creating strategic growth alternatives. Especially customers are seen as an invaluable source for growth opportunities. High priority factors from the external environment are also market growth and the competitive field. In addition, the relevance of widely discussed static positioning strategies seems to be eroding. Core competencies, capabilities and even organizational culture are replacing the older underpinnings when it comes to new business development. Growth generation needs to be continuous – not tied to the calendar year.


Keywords: strategic management, strategic decision making, new business development, strategic
growth alternatives, growth, NASDAQ OMX Helsinki

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