Capful is a management consultancy specialising in scenario work and strategy development.

We have more than 20 years of experience and strong evidence on the power of our advanced methods and close collaboration with clients. We help our clients to take advantage of the opportunities offered by changes in the operating environment, to build successful strategies and to implement them effectively and efficiently. Tangible strategic options created together with clients drive sustainable strategic choices. Our collaborative approach engages clients’ key employees, enhancing commitment to the selected strategy and ensuring successful execution.

Growth, strategic renewal, customer insight and competitive advantage are at the heart of most of our assignments. We help our clients to build new revenue streams, boost current business and create new value. Our deep expertise on scenarios and strategic foresight supports our clients as they prepare for the uncertain future.

Our clients include major Finnish and international corporations as well as public sector organisations. Our corporate clients represent various industries, such as energy, forest industry, bioeconomy and cleantech, technology, logistics, finance, health care, wholesale and retail, and consumer products. Our public sector clients include ministries, municipalities, regions and sub-regions and actors of the civil society.

Our team

  • Laura Domingo

    Consultant, M.Soc.Sc.

    044 260 6413


  • Paul Hermansson

    Associate Consultant, M.Soc.Sc.

    050 574 9894


  • Outi Hongisto

    Senior Advisor, CEO, M.Sc. (B. A.)

    050 597 8802


  • Dominique Jaurola

    Senior Advisor, M.Sc. (B. A.)



  • heini4
    Heini Kaivola

    Senior Advisor, M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

    041 510 9993


  • arto
    Arto Kaunonen

    Founder, Senior Partner, M.Ed., MBA

    050 356 0717


  • kimmo
    Kimmo Kivinen

    Senior Partner, M.Sc. (Forestry)

    050 540 9446


  • Iina Lappalainen

    Consultant, M.Sc. (B. A.)

    050 466 7286


  • Nette Lehtinen

    CEO (on part time maternity leave) Senior Advisor, M.Sc. (B. A.), (M.Soc.Sc)
    050 347 4291


  • Mikael Paltschik

    Senior Advisor, Ph.D., Associate professor

    050 344 6953



  • Eeva Puhakka

    Sales Development, B.Sc. (B. A.)

    050 525 7433


  • jari
    Jari Puhakka

    Senior Partner, M.Sc. (Eng.), MBA

    040 562 2675


  • Pekka T. Rajala

    Senior Advisor, M.Sc. (Forestry)

    050 331 9189


  • Johanna Schreck

    Senior Consultant, M.Sc. (B. A.)

    040 867 0675


  • Ville-Einari Utriainen

    Associate Consultant, B.Sc. (B. A.)

    050 402 2452


  • Essi Vasara

    Associate Consultant, M.Sc. (B. A.)

    050 432 8979


  • laura
    Laura Vuorelma

    Managing Consultant, M.Sc. (B. A.)

    050 464 2735


  • oletko-se-sina2
    Is it you?

    We regularly recruit both young talent and more experienced consultants. Send us an open application.


Working at Capful

Our team consists of both experienced senior consultants and young talents.

Our purpose is to help our clients to succeed, which makes our work both important and rewarding. You get to work on interesting assignments and varied projects with a chance to develop your skills for your own and our clients’ benefit. You are part of a hard-working and supportive team. We provide a comprehensive orientation, support you in your professional development and celebrate success together.

The following is an overview of the different career positions at Capful:

  • Associate Consultant plays a crucial role in the team. You will gather and analyse data, visualise presentations, create content for specific parts of projects and help other team members in planning and executing projects. You will also take part in marketing and sales activities.
  • Consultant takes more responsibility for client projects or significant parts of projects. You will produce high-quality content by going deeper into analysis, working on alternative solutions and refining and honing conclusions. You will also participate in sales to acquire new projects.
  • Senior Consultant understands and manages the big picture. You will work independently as an expert and advisor to the client. You will manage client projects, supervise internal project teams and interact with clients by facilitating workshops. You will also actively participate in acquiring new assignments.
  • Managing Consultant has developed specialised knowledge within a specific field. You will be able to commercialise your own and Capful’s expertise by becoming a trusted expert on the client’s issues and industry. You will manage demanding projects independently and direct the work of project teams. You will also contribute to the development of Capful’s methods and procedures.
  • Director manages large and complex projects. You will be responsible for thought leadership in your own field of expertise. You will also take responsibility for business development and create new business opportunities for Capful. A director has deep understanding of clients’ needs, ability to create and maintain senior-level client relationships, and generate significant value to clients through consulting projects.
  • Partner is responsible for the overall success of the company. You acquire new assignments and ensure that we deliver outstanding quality to our clients. Partner drives Capful’s growth by defining our business strategy, actively developing new client relationships and new business, and sharing expertise by mentoring other team members.

Eager to join our team? If you want to make a positive impact, are genuinely interested in the success of clients, have versatile skills and want to grow as a professional, contact us.

The direct contact information of our personnel can be found here.

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