Scenario services to help understand the future amid coronavirus uncertainty

Capful offers scenario services to help make sense of the future amid coronavirus uncertainty.

The corona pandemic is without precedent in the modern era. Several billion people are under lockdown, and large parts of the economy have frozen. There is no old playbook to copy in this crisis. For organisations struggling to navigate the crisis and wondering what world will emerge from the shock, Capful has put together four alternative scenario packages that focus on different phases and aspects of the crisis. Our proprietary software tool, the Scenario Builder™, makes our scenario process highly effective and efficient. The four packages we offer are outlined below. Please have a look and contact us to find out more.



  • Alternative scenarios for the epidemic’s progression
  • Duration and phases: case growth and other aspects
  • Depth and severity of the twin crisis: health and economy
  • Impact of scenarios on different sectors, response plans
  • Organisation-specific impact analyses, need for change
  • Time span: 4-18 months


  • Alternative scenarios for how the complex pandemic-induced crisis will unfold
  • When and how will we emerge from the crisis?
  • New and old normal in the short term
  • Implications on strategy, testing of strategies against scenarios
  • Time span: 2-5 years


  • External shock as a source of innovation
  • Scenarios as platform for new growth ideas and business opportunities
  • Concretising growth ideas and testing against selected criteria
  • Selected growth ideas in existing, adjacent and new markets
  • Time span: 5-15 years


  • Big picture after the pandemic
  • From crisis to creative destruction, compounding effects of the pandemic
  • Permanent effects or new normal in the long run
  • Reversible effects, factors returning to old normal
  • New vision and strategy emerging after the crisis
  • Time span: 10-20 years


Contact us, we are glad to tell more about the scenarios.


Arto Kaunonen
Founder, Senior Partner
+358 50 356 0717


International Certified Future Strategist programme 2019

Save your spot in the International Certified Future Strategist programme 2019 in Stockholm


Take part in an international course taught by business professionals from five European countries, with more than 15 years of experience each in the fields of future studies and strategy.

The International Certified Future Strategist ICFS is targeted at companies and organisations wishing to build the necessary in-house expertise for developing futures perspectives and strategy, and at individuals who want to enhance and impact their career path by learning and developing these skills.

Individuals attending the course will learn the skills and knowledge needed to address the challenges facing their organisation, including: how to assess change, how to create scenarios, how to develop strategy, and how to implement and communicate change.


”If you’re working in company or organisational development and interested in the
future, then this course is really key.” Rikard Wallin, Sweden

“The learning-style is very hands-on and assignments quite challenging, so after getting the certification you’ll have a feeling of real accomplishment.” Jonas Kronlund, Finland


The ICFS programme duration is approximately five months, with four modules of three days face-to-face teaching each. The 2019 course is held in Stockholm. The course practitioners come from five European consultancy companies  who work in the fields of future studies, scenarios, visions, strategy, communication and organisational development with more than 15 years of experience. 

The schedule for 2019 is the following:

  • Module 1: Environmental analysis (30 January–1 February 2019)
  • Module 2: Scenarios (13–15 March 2019)
  • Module 3: Vision & strategy analysis (10–12 April 2019)
  • Module 4: Strategy & action (15–17 May 2019)


The course is a tailored executive education programme with an emphasis on learning in an international environment. The course is best suited to individuals in management positions, who have a responsibility to shape and enhance strategic thinking within their company. At the end of the course, participants who have completed the required assignments and presentations are  able to get a formal certification which confirms their ability to proficiently use the techniques taught on the course.

For more information, download the 2019 ICFS course brochure here or visit the programme website


How to apply

For registration, please contact Jari Puhakka, Senior Partner of Capful (040 5622 675) or You can also arrange a personal demonstration by leaving us your contact information – we will be happy to tell you more about the program.



Nette Lehtinen appointed as CEO of Capful Ltd

Capful Ltd, a forerunner of strategic scenario planning in Finland, has appointed Nette Lehtinen (30) as the company’s new CEO, effective as of August 1st, 2018. Having previously worked as Managing Consultant at Capful, Lehtinen has a strong background in advising Finnish and multinational companies in the fields of business strategy, future scenarios and market disruption. Lehtinen holds Master’s degrees in both Economics and Social Sciences, and she is currently finishing business analytics and economics studies in Harvard Business School’s HBX programme. Lehtinen will continue to work from Amsterdam and Helsinki. (The article continues after the photo)

“Capful’s extensive experience in strategic scenario planning provides a solid base for building new growth and strengthening our market position further. We are uniquely positioned to advise clients in increasingly turbulent and uncertain business environments,” says Lehtinen.

“Like our clients’ industries, the management consulting industry is also facing digital transformation and other transformative changes. Capful is confronting these changes with new solutions and services that help our clients be strategically better prepared. Our skilled team, collaborative approach and client-oriented values ‘Second Mile’ and ‘Standard of Excellence’ will continue to steer us forward in serving our clients.”


“We are excited to have Nette Lehtinen as our new CEO,” says Arto Kaunonen, Chairman of Capful’s Board of Directors. “I’ve had the opportunity to watch Nette grow as a leader at Capful. She brings a strong track record and extensive management consulting experience from her current position, and she has the ability to inspire and connect with clients as well as colleagues. I also want to thank CEO Jari Puhakka most warmly for his leadership. Jari will continue to serve as Capful’s Senior Partner and board member.”




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