Market Intelligence

Capful’s market intelligence services add to your understanding of the current state and future development of your company’s external environment. Systematic collection and analysis of data highlight the most important changes in selected external factors and their effect on your company. Data gathering focuses on factors that are the most critical to the company and the most relevant to the end use. The analyses can be utilised in strategic planning, strategy implementation and more. 

Our market intelligence services consist of gathering, analysis and utilisation of market intelligence data. The purpose is to support decision-making, exploit opportunities in the operating environment and avoid making poor choices. Focusing on relevant topics limits information overflow and generates genuinely useful results, instead of overly long and generic reports.

Capful’s market intelligence services include both cross-sectional analyses and dynamic monitoring of operating environments. Close to real-time monitoring and scanning of markets helps to ensure that the underlying strategic assumptions about the development of your industry, customers, competitors, the economy, legislation and technology are accurate and valid. You can react to the changes in time, and adjust your strategy and its execution accordingly.

We offer

  • Operating environment analyses: These analyses are always based on the strategic needs of the client company. We collect data and produce information about the current state and anticipated development of your company’s operating environment and analyse the effects of changes.
  • Market Intelligence consulting: We help you to set up a system for monitoring the operating environment or to improve your current monitoring system. We are experts in 1) systematic monitoring processes, 2) targeting the most important strategic issues, and 3) linking monitoring to strategy and decision-making.

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