Capful offers training services related to strategy development and business intelligence either as open or as client-specific training. Together with our European partners, we also offer an International Certified Future Strategist programme. Our training services are intended to prepare decision-makers and business developers in companies and other organisations to utilise the scenario method and strategic options, and to start systematic monitoring of operating environment in their own organisation.

We offer both open training programmes and bespoke training customised to individual client needs. Our training workshops are intensive learning experiences carried out as interactive sessions in small groups. In our experience, you will get the most out of the training when you have a real-life strategic or development project you can work on during training.

In addition to the subjects listed below, we offer client-specific training on other topics, such as strategy development, strategic renewal, strategy implementation, and building of business and earnings models.

Developing and using scenarios

The training helps you to utilise the scenario method as part of strategy building in identifying influencing factors and preparing for alternative futures in an uncertain business environment. The topics covered during the training include tools and frameworks used in scenario development, scenario building process and stages, different methods applied in scenario development, and use of scenarios as part of the strategic planning and management process. You will learn to employ scenario tools in practice, either with the help of real-life cases or by applying them to your organisation’s particular needs. Read more about scenarios

Strategic options and choices

The training helps you to create and test strategic options and to use your judgement in making strategic decisions as a part of practical strategy development. The topics covered during the training include underlying logic and advantages of strategic options in strategic planning; process of creating strategic options; and different methods and tools available. You will learn to identify and analyse which issues involve genuine strategic choice, build strategic options, test them against selected criteria, and prioritise them to make strategic choices based on your assessment. Read more about strategic options.

Operating environment monitoring

The training helps you to start monitoring your operating environment so that the monitoring is systematic, focused and effective. The topics covered during the training include underlying logic, challenges, and new opportunities of external environment monitoring, as well as stages of the monitoring process and different tools applied. You will learn how to start the monitoring process, how to analyse the data gathered, and how to proactively utilise the up-to-date picture of the operating environment and the future-oriented data, aligning them with your strategy. Read more about market intelligence.

International Certified Future Strategist programme

International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS) is a pioneering executive education programme for future strategists. The course provides key employees of companies and other organisations with the knowledge, skills and competences needed to develop future-oriented strategies and to proactively plan for the future by anticipating and understanding changes in the operating environment. The course mixes theory with practice and is built around lectures, workshops, peer-to-peer interaction and home assignments. The course is composed of four three-day modules of intensive face-to-face teaching and individual assignments in-between modules. Participants come from international companies and organisations.

For more information, please visit the programme website.

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