Strategy and strategic options

A strategic plan outlines an organisation’s goals and means to achieve them, and provides a roadmap for management and leadership. A successful strategy is based on smart choices. The chances of success increase with carefully crafted strategic options that help to deal with the uncertainty and complexity involved in the choices. Capful’s strategy process in built around strategic options that incorporate internal and external factors and the different views and opinions within the client organisation.

Developments in the operating environment, political decisions and the current state of the organisation are some of the starting points of the strategy process. In practical strategy making, the different factors become intertwined. Information and assumptions on changes in the operating environment, trends in the expectations of citizens and political decision-makers, sectoral developments, etc. affect strategic decisions. Furthermore, the resources and capabilities of the client organisation influence its choices and may restrict its strategic options in the short term.



  • Gives structure to discussion on topics that are hard to grasp, and elevates discussion to a strategic level
  • BHelps to embrace ambiguity and to avoid getting stuck on a single idea
  • Urges to test different strategic options and to justify the choices made
  • Drives rich and structured strategic conversations, expanding decision-makers’ strategic thinking
  • Helps to identify genuine options available in various strategic issues
  • Broadens horizons and promotes a shared understanding within management and leadership
  • Helps decision-makers to focus on relevant issues after different options have been openly examined

Examples of strategies we have helped to build

  • Visions, strategies, plans and programs for different regions
  • Sectoral strategies
  • Organisational strategies
  • Strategies for consolidated organisations
  • Regional industrial strategies and viability strategies
  • Strategies for travel and tourism
  • Climate strategies
  • Partnering strategies
  • Internationalisation strategies
  • Service strategies
  • Competence strategies
  • Research strategies
  • R&D strategies
  • Technology strategies
  • Portfolio strategies
  • Business strategies
  • Growth strategies
  • Strategies for exploiting digitalisation opportunities
  • New business development strategies

Read more about our references related to strategy, and please contact us if you want to hear more about our strategy services. 




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