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There is a summary below of the most important challenges that our corporate clients have to address and which most of our projects are related to. See how our solutions help to face these challenges, and how our clients benefit from collaboration with Capful. We also have extensive experience and expertise in the energy industry.

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Growth is an essential part of responsible entrepreneurship and ownership. Companies that fail to grow risk being outperformed by their competitors, having difficulties in recruiting the best talent, and destroying their shareholder value. Perfect timing or pure luck may help in some circumstances, but a conscious strategic decision is a more reliable recipe for growth.

strategic renewal


Strategic renewal

Markets reach maturity and customers are lured away by competition. Traditional industry boundaries are blurring, and new competitors take incumbents by surprise. Strategic renewal becomes a must – sometimes on the verge of a crisis. Companies that are able to initiate renewals ahead of a crisis will not become victims of circumstances, but can take advantage of the opportunities that lie in change. 

competitive advantage


Competitive advantage

The competitive landscape is constantly changing, and customer expectations are growing. Competition across industry boundaries threatens to destroy profitability. Agile companies are quick to benefit from new technologies and networks to create customer value. Competitive advantage has become a moving target, and it is increasingly difficult to gain a sustainable advantage.

customer insight


Customer insight

What are the problems your customers are trying to solve or the needs they are trying to satisfy? Does your current offering produce value that differentiates you from competitors? Are you aware of what is happening at the other end of the value chain? Customer insight is the starting point for delivering value to customers, identifying new growth opportunities and creating user-driven innovations.

 strategic forensic


Strategic foresight

The pace of change in business is accelerating. In addition to the changes that shake various industries, the economical, technological, political, social and ecological changes in the operating environment are complex and multifaceted. Cause-and-effect relationships and impact of changes are hard to discern. Are markets melting away, or do the changes offer more opportunities than threats?




Digitalisation is breaking traditional industry boundaries, reshaping value chains and rewriting the rules of competition. Some companies take a defensive stance, while others proactively utilise the potential in the digitalisation megatrend: They renew internal processes and customer service, build new kind of intelligence into products, and launch new digital business concepts.

energy industry


Energy industry

A fundamental challenge for companies in the energy industry is to make long-term investments, while retaining sufficient degrees of strategic freedom. Technologies, customer behavior, digital platforms and emphasis between energy security, economic factors and climate policies keep changing, but companies must still be able to make strategic choices and create feasible back-up plans for different scenarios. 

management systems


Management systems

An effective management system turns strategy into action and provides appropriate process and outcome metrics for strategy implementation. The relationship between strategic, financial and HR planning and control is reinforced, and the organisation is better able to respond to changes in the operating environment.  




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