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Our solutions for the public sector help clients to address the challenge of structural changes, grow and maintain viability of regions, build sustainable competitive advantage, and gain customer insight.

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Supporting structural change

The ongoing major changes in the public sector and local governments require novel thinking and new operating models. Better understanding of customer needs, creating a shared vision, selecting the right strategic themes and building partnering strategies are some of the key topics of our projects dealing with structural change.


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Viability of regions

Structural change is shaking municipalities and local governments. Maintaining viability is paramount. How to combine the most important aspects of viability: economic health, regional attractiveness, favourable operating environment, competitiveness of companies, sense of community and services provided?

developing civil society


Developing civil society

We apply our business development expertise also for the benefit of the civil society – with excellent results. We collaborate in strategy and development projects with different actors and operators of the civil society, such as associations, foundations and labor market organisations.

educational organisations


Educational organisations

Decreasing funding and growing competition are forcing educational organisations to reassess and redefine their strategic direction. Mergers and other significant developments that reshape the industry put organisations under pressure and create a need for change.

strategic foresight


Strategic foresight

The pace of change is accelerating. Economical, technological, political, social and ecological changes in the operating environment are complex and multifaceted. Is the role of the organisation at risk, or do the changes bring about more opportunities than threats? By the time a problem or opportunity becomes visible, it may already be too late to act.




Digitalisation is blurring traditional sectoral boundaries, reshaping value chains and transforming operating models. Some organisations assume a defensive stance, while others proactively utilise the potential in the digitalisation megatrend by renewing internal processes and customer service and introducing new digital activities.

customer insight


Customer insight

Customer orientation is making inroads into the public sector. Service design, experiments and pilots are some of the tools applied to enhance customer experience. Mapping user needs and involving users in service development generate new ideas for improved services.

management systems


Management systems

Even the most visionary strategy cannot support the organisation in achieving its strategic intent, unless it is properly put into action. Effective implementation involves compelling crystallisation and communication of strategy to drive a shared understanding of the desired direction and the necessary actions among all members of the organisation.





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